Vendor Acquisition

Dear ,
Thank you for your interest in becoming coupon vender, as a vendor you earn as high ₦250 per each coupon sold , so if for example you sell 20 codes in a day you earn ₦5,000 cash in one single day, this as well is an opportunity for you to make more money with Chop40k. To apply, Kindly note this rule below

Chop40k Coupon Vendor Rules And Regulations 

  1. A minimum of five (5) codes must be purchased before you can qualify to being a vendor, The coupon codes does not expire!
  2. We sell code at ₦2,250 to our vendor so the earn ₦250 per sale, All vendor must sell to customers at ₦2,500 (Registration fee)
  3. As a vendor your name, phone number will be published on the site and these will required customers to contact you
  4. As a vendor, customers who have clicked on their sponsors link, will come to you to purchase code, Do not make any attempt to give the customer your affiliate link
  5. Only give the codes when the contact you, don’t begin to ask customers questions like, who referred you, who told you about Chop40k?
  6. A vendor should in no attempt by any means, re register a customer under his/her affiliate for the sole purpose of gaining the commission, remember that the customer has clicked on someone link already before seeing your details on the site 
  7. When customer contact you for codes, receive payment first before sending code
  8. Send code immediately after payment have been received, Do not by any means delay customer
  9. When a vendor refers a user, the vendor can sell the coupon code to the customer and as well gain the affiliate commission

If this rules are violated by vendor, vendor will face the consequences of loosing all codes and commission.

Price for a coupon is :  ₦2,250
Minimum purchase, 5 codes :  ₦11,250

Kindly make payment to our account below, after payment, kindly fill the form below

Bank Name : UBA
Name of Acc : J Cyber Technologies
Account N0 :   1022594953


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For help kindly contact our customer care via whatsapp on 0903 2989 974